Cold Runner block

Nearly always, when it comes to saving rubber or improving the injection process, nothing is more efficient than multiplying the quantity of nozzles of the injector pressure machine using the CRB (Cold Runner Block).

However, a big disadvantage of using the conventional systems is in its high maintenance cost caused mostly by the need of periodic change of the thermal insulation plate, problems with the electrical resistances in the heating system, waste of the rings and cooling system´s sealing, apart from the big difficult in handling due to the equipment´s size and complexity.

Developed by ASPEM, the TOTTI (Total Thermal Transfer by Injection) technology came to make the injection through CRB much more practical and feasible.

It is a concept totally innovative which gets rid of the main disadvantages found in the conventional systems, once and for all.









See below its most important characteristics:

•  It does not use plate with resistance for heating, i.e., the mold is heated directly by the injection machine;

• The thermal insulation between the runners and the other components is done through contact points precisely determined by thermal simulation software. This way, it was possible to eliminate the thermal insulation plate used in the conventional Cold Runner Blocks system.

• It has a flexible system of changing the nozzle's positions and quantities. For instance, when ASPEM´s CRB (TOTTI) is ordered with 18 injection points, it is possible to choose all of them or just 4 nozzles in any one of the 18 positions. It can be achieved through a changing system of the inserts which redirect the  runner´s flow.


comparison between the cold runner blocks

Details that make the difference

• The flow control is done in a fast, easy and precise way for each nozzle.

• In case of cured material inside the runner of the block, it has a fast cleaning system;

• It has a height compensation system for each injection nozzle that allows up to a 0.7mm of difference between nozzle´s tip and the mold plate.

• All the pieces of the distribution set are made by stainless steel with a heat treatment, ensuring this way that they become resistant to the oxidizing agents found in the rubber and in water.

• Cooling system with an easy access for cleaning and maintenance;



• It provides a better precision in the split line when the mold is closed, because it is totally built in steel, since it does not use a thermal insulation plate;

• Standard height of the complete set = 95mm

• In case of maintenance its assembly and dismantling are easy and fast and it does not require a high technical knowledge;

• Guarantee of a thermal transfer in a homogeneous way to the mold;

• All of the standardized items are kept in stock, allowing an immediate replacement, if necessary.


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