Molds for Rubber

we are prepared to help you with the simplest to the most complex project.

With hundreds of executed projects, ASPEM acquired know-how and experience in all types of molds, whether they are of compression, transfer or injection acting in many segments: automotive, medical-hospital, electro-electronics, food, agriculture etc.

All mold built by us aim at maximum durability and profitability to the client, and to achieve them, project is deeply analyzed and discussed according to each case, depending on what is required.



This way, we offer the total support in order that the customer decides the optimal production system (injection, compression or transfer), the number of cavities that the mold requires, product’s extraction system and the injection runner´s layout and size.

After that the mold is developed by our project team and it is built with the most accuracy and only using high quality´s steel and a suitable thermal treatment.

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